TEAM K-State of Mind

Knockout, Kinetic & Kind





an act of knocking someone out,
especially in boxing. "a knockout blow"

informal: an extremely attractive or impressive person or thing
energy that a body possesses by virtue of being in motion
a group of people or things having similar characteristics.

What It Takes To Be A Coach on Team K-State of Mind

  • Love
  • Dedication to your own journey
  • Drink Shakeology Daily
  • Loves to help others
  • Be your own CEO

Have you ever thought about making an additional income for your family, from home, WHILE reaching your FITNESS goals?

I am looking for men & women who are SERIOUS about creating a job they are passionate about and who are dedicated to building a life of freedom.

​I am going to teach you how to create a mobile business by simply sharing and helping, NOT selling!!

There are no degrees, certifications, or pre- requisites! You just have to have the desire to support others while you are on your own fitness journey!

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K-State of Mind is apart of a bigger team called Dare2Dream  

Please Click the photo below to learn more from Jessica on this amazing coaching oppurtunity and what we do as coaches.

Nikki (Jammer Nation)

Jessica (Dare2Dream)

ME (K-State of Mind)

Alesha (Team 2 Legit)


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